Impressionistic photo of Khali the Destroyer. Looks like rain is falling and blurring the photo.

A friend recently told my human he was praying for the End Times to come. He wanted an invisible, powerful human who isn’t exactly human to come take everyone away to this special cat tree in the sky. My human said he was really excited about this, so I suspect there are some pretty cool toys and catnip up there. He told her he was excited about getting his own mansion. I think mansions are like cardboard boxes. He said there were many mansions. It must be like a trip to Costco. My human says there are stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes at Costco. She always brings me home one when she visits.

I’m not sure what the End Times are, but I don’t see why anybody would want them to happen immediately. I know I have plans for millions of naps and play times. It seems it is a better thing to simply enjoy each day – even if it is a flea medicine day or a trip to the cat doctor.

May you all find joy and much catnip this year,

Khali the Destroyer